Best wife award goes to…

Me! (wait until you find out why)

I’ve known my husband, Chris, for about 7 years – 3 years we worked together at the Massachusetts State House, 4 years we’ve been together, and 8 months ago we tied the knot.

While he’ll disagree, I’m a bit more spontaneous (some call it impulsive), and it’s more often than not that I come home from work asking him if he wants to move to Paris (a city we both love).

I’ve had the travel bug bad ever since I can remember, and if it weren’t for my suffocating student loans and trying to do “adult” things like saving for a house and our future, we’d be on a plane once a month if it were up to me.

But adulting is hard and things cost money, so to escape the real world, we’ve planned some trips to whisk us away to foreign countries, stuff our faces with endless amounts of food, and explore.

So back to why I win the best wife award.

Chris has wanted to travel to Cuba since long before we met, but, he wanted the “uninterrupted” Cuba – the Cuba that transports you back to the 50s, that’s passionate and colorful, that hasn’t been Americanized. Without getting too political, with current US foreign affairs the way they are, and the fact that the government shutdown is on day 29 (thank you TSA for being here!), I knew I had to plan a trip, FAST.

So, for Christmas I got us a trip to Cuba, and I’m writing this from Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. With a snowpocalypse on the way, we’re making it out literally in the knick of time!

Despite the shutdown and what we’ve heard on the news about the terrors of travel right now, it’s going well so far. Chris thinks he’s hilarious and just asked if my twin was growing in my nose pimple… and that I obviously need a bib-opsy. (anyone else a fan of My Big Fat Greek Wedding?). Hopefully you find our brand of humor funny, if not, at least we entertain ourselves!

ManFriend‘s corner:

Star-date: “insert something clever”

Soundtrack for flight to Miami/ Cuba: This is Tom Waits (Spotify) and 11/22/63 on the Audible

I see what she did there. She wrote SOOOO much you’ll never get down to my beautiful words. She’s a wiley minx, she is.

This is our first blog post, and we’re excited! It’s fair to say that Schenk’s and I find ourselves endlessly entertaining, though I’m pretty sure no one else does. This is our attempt to find out.

For the record, I wanted this blog to be titled “Schenkers & Manfriend do the world…” but it’s too many characters. As I’m still only here in Logan, I don’t have a ton to share except that the Dunks in Terminal B is particularly satisfying. I highly recommend a visit.

RE Cuba: It’s true, I’ve wanted to visit Cuba (while it still amounts to going back in time) for as long as I’ve been able to appreciate the reality of a small island less than a hundred miles off the coast of the US that we’ve had next to no contact with for 50 years. It’s a crazy idea to visit, and in a few short blog posts we’ll know if it was a good idea or not. Do I thank Schenk’s or ridicule? Stay tuned!!